Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Amy Butler Sew-n-Tell Challenge

As soon as I read about the Amy Butler Sew-n-Tell Challenge I went right over to Amy Butler and found a free pattern for this "Cozy Scarf". Then I went to Fabric.com and ordered some of Amy Butler's Love Flannel collection to make these cozy scarves.

I can't wait to wear them and be "cozy". What a fun challenge! :) Thanks.
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September Quilt

This weekend when I changed the sheets on the bed it was a nice cool sunny day that felt like Fall. I thought I should change the quilt on the bed. That and well, I have a few to choose from. This one is one of the very first that I made and one of my favorites. Many hours went into making all these bias squares.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Just in time for Fall . . .

Two weeks ago when we went to see Marybeth she surprised me with my Bali Pop quilt. I can't remember the name of the pattern right now but looking at the pictures it sure does look 'Fallish' and I have already used it several times to cover up with while watching TV and napping. My most favorite past time. I brought it right home and put the binding on it.

This quilt was a struggle to get through. The Bali Pop looked so enticing. I wanted to complete it right away but it was over 900 pieces and very time consuming. The steps were very monotonous. I even managed to put one of the blocks together wrong and didn't realize it until she pointed it out when she gave it to me. This makes it unique and solely mine. :)

My perseverance of course and Marybeth's talent paid off! It's a beauty and yet another that I will not be able to part with.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I read recently an article about inspiration and where we find it. I like to take pictures. There are many things that give me inspiration and beauty in nature and the places around us are one of them. I love being around water and people that I love.

I was visiting with my quilting guild at Marybeth's and this is the view of the bay from her deck. Water is always so peaceful and gives you a sense of calmness. There is nothing better than sitting and starring at a body of water on a sunny day.

I have been wanting to try making an art quilt, small quilt and practice my free motion quilting skills. This I accomplished all in this 9 x 11 quilt that I made. As soon as it was complete it got the "mommy this is beautiful can I put it in my room award!"

So guess where it hangs? In Jeffrey's Gallery.