Monday, June 27, 2011

Old, New, Green and Blue!

I have made a promise to myself that this summer I will finish up one "old" project or WIP before starting a new one. Which gives me great motivation because there are so many projects in my head that I want to do.

Something Old - Memorial Day weekend we went to NY for a visit. I decided that since I would need something to do while enjoying the scenic car ride I prepared the binding for this scrap quilt that I made years :) ago. It has always been for "me" so I never felt the need to get it completely finished . . . someday. It did bring back many memories of the first 15 or more quilts that I made. I love scraps and this incorporated all of the memories of the quilts and who I have made them for all in one. Plus it felt good to have something completed that had been around for so long unfinished.

Something New - Pink. I like her songs. I like the color. It's Kaffe and Kona. I quilted it myself using straight lines. It's snugly and Jeffrey declared it a keeper. It is the first one added to my personal collection that I made start to finish for ME!

Something Blue and Green - These are the twenty fat quarters that Jeffrey helped me pick out for our new project. Yesterday he and Nicholas helped me lay them out. So soon we will have another quilt to add to our collection.

There has been other sewing in between this and my last post, but mostly utility in nature. Fixing Tae Kwon Do uniforms and equipment and hemming pants. School is out and birthdays are over so I won't have to put the sewing machine away as much so that the dining room table is usable. I am hoping to spend some quality time with her this summer.
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